First thing I saw in the morning

This picture was the first thing I saw this morning… and it is obvious why it dragged my attention! Perfectly combined dots with colours and a hint of retro mood.. My favourite! Source: Advertisements

tea in Islington!

It was a sunny day in Islington that ended up with tea and scones. Isn’t that retro?

When girls stay in on a Friday night, they bake and do their make up… That’s what we did last Friday. We experimented with natural looks and spring trends, used light and pastel colours and had some fun with instagram!

First thing I saw in the morning!

So clever and funny and it made my day!! And of course Marion Cotillard is so beautiful! Enjoy!

Friday night drinks and flowers!

Last Friday I had a really fun night out with the girls, which included dinner, wine and many many cocktails…!! My friend Emily is already embracing spring’s fashion trends and I just couldn’t resist to take some pictures. The location in Covent Garden was great and Emily was posing like a model in an editorial… … Continue reading

Louboutin sneakers

I think these Louboutin men’ s sneakers are the best choice for my first spring post, so colorful and playful!! Don’t you think? Stay tuned for spring make up news!!

She made my day!

I found this picture in and it literally made my day! It’s not just the outfit that forms that perfectly 50s image… It’s her expression, the way she sits, the background… just everything about it! FYI it was taken in Paris Fashion Week.

Burberry fashion show

15 hours, 42 min, 54 sec for the Burberry Prorsum fashion show!! And we can all watch it live on Facebook tomorrow at 4… I don’t really know what to think about that fact, but I am definitely not missing it!!! Stay tuned!  

Let’s talk about make up!

Let’s talk about make up… Again! Spring is only 2 weeks away and we all need to update our beauty bags… So, there are two things I would like to share with you and both involve Yves Saint Laurent. First the lips! What do we all want? Sensual full lips and colour that lasts. The … Continue reading

Want to know what I did in Paris?

I’ve been once in Paris before and I was really young and to be honest I didn’t remember much. So it was all new to me… Leaving cloudy rainy London -and don’t get me wrong I love London- for sunny Paris was already a pleasant surprise! When I walked out the metro station the clear … Continue reading