Want to know what I did in Paris?

I’ve been once in Paris before and I was really young and to be honest I didn’t remember much. So it was all new to me…

Leaving cloudy rainy London -and don’t get me wrong I love London- for sunny Paris was already a pleasant surprise! When I walked out the metro station the clear sky was welcoming me…. and then I realised why people are calling Paris the “city of light”! Well, there’s more than that but I was amazed by the way the natural light enhanced the beauty of the buildings…

I started my day wandering around Tuileries, stopping every 2 minutes to take pictures and breathe the parisian air… had a cappuccino in a nice café while reading my book and then went straight to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs to visit the Jean Paul Goude exhibition. I was supposed to stay for an hour or two there, but I ended up spending my whole day until I met up with my friend. I have to say that it was the most amazing thing I ‘ve ever seen!! I just couldn’t leave… so I spent 4 relaxing hours walking around the museum admiring the permanent collections and the magnificent view from the top floor and watching films.

Saturday was really cold but that didn’t keep us off the streets. We had a nice walk in the Luxembourg Gardens, where everything was frozen and ended up in Saint Germain for coffee and tea.

We spent Sunday in le Marais, the artistic district with the beautiful shops, restaurants, cafés and of course galleries. If you love art or you are seeking for inspiration that is the place to be…

I have to admit.. I fell in love with Paris… and I ‘ll go back soon!!!

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