Christmas walk in Bond street

Long time, no see… but I was seeking for inspiration and it is difficult to find some when you’re surrounded, even covered by books!! However, a few days ago I was in London doing Christmas shopping for my loved ones and it ‘s impossible not to find at least one source of inspiration in London… Although I was exhausted, I was also enchanted by the Christmas spirit and I decided to treat myself with a walk at New Bond Street for window shopping!

Do you want to know what the famous designers are up to? Let’s see…

British chic in Burberry’s.

Timeless elegance in Dior.

Missoni remained loyal to its characteristic style.

Baroque luxury in Miu Miu.

Did you recognise the blue box…? A fairy tale in Tiffany’s.

The Kaiser in futuristic mood.

And I left the best for the end… My favourite Alexander McQueen.

One Response to “Christmas walk in Bond street”
  1. Konstantina says:

    Really chic fashion. Καλές γιορτές να περάσεις όμορφα. Επιστροφή στην πατρίδα?

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